What the App is

I made a web application using React.js where users have to compare the prices of two items and pick the highest of the two, scoring one point and losing one point if they get it right or wrong respectively. There is a time limit of 60 seconds in order to increase user engagement and encourage users to beat their high score.


The app took a while to make, I really took advantage of React props and made plenty of components. I even made separate files to keep track of sound files and ‘utils’ function.

Similar to Timeless Theatre, another web app I made, I used the npm package Axios in order to manage my API calls, this time however the code is more readable because I used a linter called prettier, making the TailwindCSS code more consistent throughout.


I was thinking of adding a leaderboard, where users can submit their highscore into a database like MongoDB. I need to research how exactly to do that but I wanted to finish the project for now because improvements can always be thought of, it can be a neverending cycle.


I have read the Astro documentation for the markdown files and found out how to add heading IDs, which is cool, makes the blog more neat. Next time I might try using an MDX file instead.