New Portfolio Site

30 January 2023

My original portfolio site ( was made with HTML, CSS and vanilla javascript. While I had a lot of fun making it I did not learn anything new, hence the creation of this new portfolio site!

This one is made with Astro and I owe Coding in Public ( ) for giving me the inspiration to start this project. Alongside Astro I also decided to add Tailwind CSS and Typescript.

I really enjoy using Tailwind because it saves me the effort of coming up with a class name which I will probably forget and have to refer back to in the future, it just makes long term projects easier to pick back up.

Even though I only know the basics of Javascript I opted to add Typescript functionality because it is a tool I wish to learn and get better at, so I might as well start now.

Other than that I have also added some dependencies recommended to me by some videos I have watched, such as astro icon and tailwind typography, just to make my life easier in terms of styling and svg retrieval.

As for the future ReactJS is obviously the next step so hopefully my next project will be something exciting, depends on whether or not I get any inspirations.